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Specialized Educational Programs

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All learners are unique. At Success Unlimited, we tailor our work with each of our students, choosing from a variety of very special programs, to meet their unique needs.

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

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Cognitive Processing Skills Training / Learning Disabilities Remediation
Our cognitive processing skills training fees ($60 per 50 minute session, paid session-by-session, or $50 per session, for a block of 36 sessions, paid upfront) are thousands of dollars less than those charged by other centers.


Specialized Educational Programs
Academic assistance - preschool through college - one-to-one instruction  

For those who are really serious about their child's education Success Unlimited offers" learning that lasts a lifetime". Any of the following specialized educational programs or any of our programs and services can be combined to fit the needs of any particular student. 

One-To-One Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

At all levels of education, the abilities to think clearly, to read analytically, and to write effectively are crucial to students’ success. We provide stimulating, challenging thinking, reading, and writing programs for our students. Our professional teachers utilize some of the finest curriculum materials available today. Our materials are correlated with all of the various textbooks used by all of the various school systems (public, private, Christian, Catholic, etc.). Our materials are also correlated with all of the various standardized tests used by all of the schools. This program is a MUST for students who want to soar both in the classroom and in their standardized testing this year!  

 One-To-One Study Skills Training

This training is designed for upper elementary through college age students.  Students who are most successful are students who have truly “learned how to learn.” Formal learning is a purposeful activity, not a casual one. Similarly, study must be purposeful, not casual! Component skills to be learned include the following: organizing your approach, managing your time, highlighting or outlining information, taking effective notes, preparing for tests, planning and completing projects and papers, and many more. This program is a MUST for serious students!

One-To-One S.A.T. Preparation

Because of the tremendous competition that exists to gain entrance to the college of their choice these days, it is crucial that students achieve high S.A.T. scores. We work hard to ensure that Success Unlimited students do just that. Ours is not simply a general test overview. We provide our students with specific, one-to-one, in-depth tutoring for S.A.T. I and the S.A.T. II subject exams. Many students come to us after having attended a group S.A.T. training program. Our S.A.T. preparation program begins where the others leave off. This program is a MUST for serious, college-bound students!

One-To-One Cognitive Processing Skills Training/Learning Disabilities Remediation

This training is offered to students, elementary through college age. Many students who struggle to learn have significant cognitive processing problems. They tend to: have trouble paying attention and staying on task; become easily distracted; reverse letters and words; forget instructions or what was presented earlier; take a long time to complete tasks; make the same careless errors repeatedly, without realizing it; have difficulty sounding out words and spelling; struggle to comprehend what they read; and have trouble understanding mathematical concepts (especially in story problems).  Because of these processing problems and resulting frustration, their academic performance, self esteem, and relationships tend to suffer.  At Success Unlimited we use training methods that target, modify, and develop the brain to improve deficiencies. This program features the systematic and sequential application of cognitive training exercises that specifically target an individual’s deficient skills. This training improves concentration, memory, visualization, integration, and processing speed, and makes them all become more automatic. This results in easier, faster, and more successful learning. And, this results in happier learners (and happier families). And, again, the fact that our cognitive processing training/learning disabilities remediation fees are thousands of dollars less than those charged by other centers results in very happy parents!

College and Career Testing and Counseling

Many students fail to produce at school because they lack direction, a sense of purpose. They are not interested, not enthused, not motivated. They simply drift about, losing ground to other students who possess less ability, but better work habits, etc. They often spiral downward in a vicious cycle of  underachievement >lack of confidence > lack of effort > even more underachievement. We reverse this downward spiral by pinpointing educational strengths, areas of special interest and aptitude.  Our students gain a fresh outlook on themselves…and possibilities for their future. We help them set a new course. We help them establish high, but attainable, goals. We give them renewed hope!  Because, nothing motivates like Success…Unlimited!