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We are extremely grateful to all of the individuals and families who have come to us over all of these years for assistance in meeting their educational and psychological needs. This summer, to show our appreciation and to respond to the very real needs of individuals and families in these difficult economic times, we are rolling back our prices to where they were when we first began, 40 ago!

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

Neurofeedback (EEG) Biofeedback


We are offering our Neurofeedback fees for $55 per 40 minute session, for a block of 40 sessions, paid up front, or $60 for a block of 20 sessions, paid up front, or $65 per session, paid session-by-session. Our rates are thousands of dollars less than those charged by the big, well-advertised centers.

Since 1994, many people of all ages have been coming to us for Neurofeedback training to enhance their focus and attention skills. Whether they have severe ADHD or simply experience difficulty paying attention to things they don't find interesting, we can help!

Neurofeedback is also effective with anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, chronic pain and many other conditions or disorders.

We are proud to be an affiliate of of the highly acclaimed EEG Spectrum International, Inc. and EEG Institute programs.

Training Programs


This year our learning disabilities remediation/ cognitive processing skills training fees after an initial $300 licensing/materials fee are; ($50 per 50 minute session, for a block of 36 sessions, paid up front; or $60 per session, paid session-by-session) are thousands of dollars less than those charged by other centers, resulting in very happy parents! 

Many students who struggle to learn have significant cognitive processing problems. Because of these processing problems and resulting frustration, their academic performance, self esteem, and relationships tend to suffer. At Success Unlimited we are proud to be a provider of the highly acclaimed PACE Program. The PACE program features the systematic and sequential application of cognitive training exercises that specifically target an individual's deficient skills.

PACE training improves concentration, memory, visualization, integration, and processing speed, and makes them all become more automatic. This results in easier, faster, and more successful learning. And, this results in happier learners and happier families!

One-to-One Tutoring


This year we are offering One-to-One professional tutoring for $30 per session (50 minutes), for a block of 20 sessions, paid up front. Or, you can pay $35 per session, for a block of 10 sessions, paid upfront. Or, you can pay $40 per session, session-by-session. No other premier learning center in the county comes close to matching these rates.

And, we tailor our work completely to the needs of the individual student: whatever this one student needs, we provide!